The 14 years of civil unrest took the lives of hundreds of thousands of Liberians and displaced even more, leaving the education system with an enormous shortage of qualified teachers. During the war, many education managers and teachers left the country and teachers without formal qualifications or experience took their place. The education system was disrupted for so long it left qualified educators displaced, without training working in overcrowded classrooms with minimal tools and resources. The role of teachers in preparing Liberia’s children for the future of the country was taken for granted. The success of teaching and learning is strongly influenced by the resources made available to support the process. Schools without good teachers, textbooks or learning materials will not be effective.

Teacher Supply Needs:
At Project Blackboard we believe that small items such as pencils and notebooks are just the start. The big items such as current text books, maps, construction paper, copy paper, and current technology are critical in providing a well-rounded education. We provide teachers with academic resources, school-based teacher training and intense mentoring and partnerships. We work with teachers to give them the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and equipment they need to provide high quality teaching. We provide training so that teachers have a good knowledge of the syllabus and can use up to date, gender sensitive and inclusive teaching methods which enable all pupils to fully participate in lessons. This comprehensive support not only improves school governance, but provides teachers with the tools needed to improve the quality of education in Liberia.

      • Backpack/Teacher tote bag
      • Calculators
      • Calendar or planner for scheduling or lesson planning
      • Glue sticks or glue bottles
      • Highlighters
      • Index cards (Ruled or unruled for flashcards)
      • Large pink eraser
      • Lesson plan books
      • Liquid Paper (Correction fluid)

          • Loose leaf notebook paper
          • Organizational helpers
          • Pencil sharpeners (hand held)
          • Pencils (Non mechanical)
          • Pens (Red, black or blue)
          • Pocket folders
          • Report covers
          • Rulers (English and metric measurements)
          • Single subject notebooks (Spiral-bound or composition notebooks)
          • Ziploc storage bags

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