In many schools in Liberia, textbooks are in short supply and have been so heavily used that most of the pages have fallen out. For many students paper, pens and pencils are also hard to come by, and children often write on slates with broken pieces of chalk. When students don’t have the supplies and resources needed in the classroom, the message is that the students are not important people doing important work. Eventually, they become dis-engaged and detached from their learning environment, and educators are challenged to instill the value of education to the students.

Student Supply Needs:
At Project Blackboard we believe that the lack of educational supplies and resources continues to plague the educational esteem and success in Liberia. Our goal is to ensure that every student at our partner schools has the educational tools, supplies and resources needed to be successful in the classroom. We believe that by providing students with backpacks, pencils, pens and notebooks, we also help alleviate the cost to parents and families struggling to pay for their children’s supplies and attendance. Every supply, resource and dollar towards a student, is a lesser burden on an impoverished family in Liberia. Below we have listed key educational tools and resources that we believe will allow students to be successful in the classroom.

      • Backpacks
      • Calculators
      • Calendars or planners for scheduling or recording assignments
      • Colored Pencils
      • Crayons
      • Desk
      • Highlighters
      • Index cards (Ruled or unruled for flashcards)
      • Large pink erasers

          • Pencil sharpeners (hand held)
          • Pencils (Non mechanical)
          • Pens (Red, black or blue)
          • Pocket folders
          • Rulers (English and metric measurements)
          • Scissors
          • Single subject notebooks (Spiral-bound or composition)
          • Water-based markers
          • Ziploc storage bags

Backpacks and supplies are prepared in advance for students and are distributed according to the needs at the grade levels.

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