After 14 years of civil war, a Liberian Ministry of Education and UNICEF study found that 50% of schools had been destroyed due to the war, and many of those remaining were in urgent need of repair. In many underdeveloped parts of the country, classrooms are nothing more than a cement block, about the size of a large suburban garage or small warehouse. They are usually without windows, doors, or a ceiling. The rooms are dark, poorly ventilated, and have no blackboards or other learning aids. A hole in a zinc roof during raining season can cancel a school day, causing disruption and inhibiting success in the classroom. These classroom environmental challenges send a message to students, teachers and the community, giving them doubts about the importance and the value of their education.

Classroom Supply Needs:
At Project Blackboard we believe that there is a direct correlation in the relationship between the classroom environment, learning esteem, engagement, motivation, social relationships, behavior and academic achievement of students. Our goal is to rebuild classrooms and create a robust academic infrastructure, allowing students the opportunity to find success in the classroom. Your unrestricted financial donation or in-kind donation of supplies and resources will help us rehabilitate classrooms and create an enriching environment where students can thrive. Below we have listed key educational tools and resources that we believe will allow students to find success in the classroom.

      • 3 Ring Binders
      • 3 hole punch (a regular one or one that fits in a three-ring binder)
      • Bathroom (Latrine)
      • Blackboards/Chalkboards
      • Blackboards/Chalkboards Eraser
      • Bookcases and shelves
      • Bottled water
      • Boxes, bins and tubs
      • Cabinets
      • Carts and easels
      • Classroom charts, such as world maps, periodic (chemistry) table, etc.
      • Computers
      • Construction paper
      • Copier
      • Desks
      • Encyclopedias and dictionaries less than 10 years old

          • Fan
          • Garbage cans
          • Generator
          • Installed lights
          • Light bulbs
          • Math, Science and English text books
          • Paper-clips
          • Pencil Sharpener
          • Poster board for visual aid presentations
          • Printer/Printer Paper
          • Proving textbooks and children’s books for a library
          • Scissors
          • Scotch tape
          • Staples/Stapler
          • SRA – Reading Laboratories
          • Teacher mailboxes
          • Water-based markers

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