At Project Blackboard we believe that there is a direct correlation in the relationship between the classroom environment, learning esteem, engagement, motivation, social relationships, behavior and academic achievement of students. Our goal is to rebuild classrooms and create a robust academic infrastructure, allowing students with the opportunity to find success in the classroom and raise the educational esteem of young Liberians. Thanks to the support of our donors at attendee at our launch event in April, we raised more $4,000.00 towards achieving our goal of rehabilitating our first classroom which will be used by more than 40 kindergarten students. The classroom that we rehabilitated was also the classroom room used to train our teachers in during our “Back to the Basics” teacher training workshop in July.

Our first classroom rehabilitation included painting the classroom, cementing the floor, installing a ceiling, a new door, and a blackboard, painting the windows and furnishing the classroom with new desks. We will continue to improve the classroom environment with visual aids donated to Project Blackboard by the students and teachers of at Hazel Park Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota.

While we are proud of the progress we’ve made thus far, however we are reminded that there is still work that needs to be done. With the Ebola epidemic plaguing West Africa, and hitting Liberia the hardest, all schools in Liberia will be closed until the end of 2014. Our students and teachers at Jerusalem are all safe and continue to be dedicated to improving the educational conditions at the school.