July 2014 marked a critical milestone for Project Blackboard. Three months after we launched, we rehabilitated our first classroom and facilitated our two week “Back to the Basics” teacher training workshop for our 21 teachers at Jerusalem Elementary and Middle School in Monrovia, Liberia. Despite the socio-economic barriers our teachers are faced with, we encourage them to find creative, effective and efficient solutions to providing our students with the best educational experience possible. We are even more focused now on continuing to deepen our partnership with the school and teachers to providing them with intangible and tangible tools and resources that will equip them to meet the educational needs of the students and eliminating the educational inequalities that exist in Liberia.

It was raining season in Liberia during our “Back to the Basics” teacher training workshop and it rained throughout the day and night. With such heavy rain and flooded streets our team worried about the teacher’s attendance for the training. In the pouring rain, one by one all the teachers started to walk into the classroom. Committed to improving their craft as teachers and eradicated the educational inequalities that exist in Liberia, for two weeks all of our 21 teachers attended the training.

Our Education Consultant, Elaine Peabody – a Liberian educator who has been teaching in the Unites States for over 30 years, connected with our teachers in a way that was unique to Liberian educators and their circumstances. Our “Back to the Basics” training focused on classroom management, overcoming educational obstacles in a developing country and the baseline of curriculum development.

Our teachers play a vital and important role in the country of Liberia and despite the educational challenges and circumstances in Liberia; we want our teachers to be the best educators than can be.

Below are the pictures from our first day of training!